Tall Ships - Photography of Julie Picardi

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Tall Ship Barque Picton Castle departing Pensacola through the pass

The Barque Picton Castle was built in 1928 in Wales and used as a fishing trawler but has had additional careers of service. Obtained by the Royal Navy during World War 2 she was used as a minesweeper and became known as the "Liberator of Norway". After the war, she was renamed Dolmar and used as a freighter in the Baltic and North Seas. In the 1990s she found her forever home with Captain Daniel Moreland in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia. She was refitted as a barque, readying her for global circumnavigational voyages. Daniel Moreland remains her captain today, sailing her all over the world with two primary missions: deep ocean sail training and long distance education voyages. She is registered as a certified tall ship in the Cook Islands and will prepare for her next sail, World Voyage 7, April 2018 - May 2019. You may find the latest Captain's Log here as they make final preparations in New Orleans, LA: