The Marsolais Girls Fall Photo Shoot

Guilty as Charged

Look at these two! Aren't they just the cutest?? My second year photographing their annual fall portraits...and... I did it.....again... GUILTY!

Ok, I admit my guilt.  Of what you might ask? Guilty of taking way too many pictures of adorable, little girls.

What was SUPPOSED to be a mini-session....but because I'm addicted to cute kids with lots of personality.....I couldn't resist developing more portraits than I specify for a mini-session.  Here are some of their photos. Their mom admits she is having a hard time choosing. I would too if I were you Linzy, and they are not even my kids! 

Now to examine my it punishable? Will it be repeated? Uhhhhh....probably so. My addiction to dark chocolate is hard enough to corral, so I must allow this mustang its freedom . The next time I have such charisma in front of my lens, it will probably happen again.  

Enough about me, I'd like to hear from you!

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