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School is OUT! Summer is Here!

A little bit about me

Hi everyone!

And welcome to my first blog which I've named, Jules Gems. Bear with me here…growing pains at 55. Yep, that’s right. The clock rolled over once more this June to the beautiful double digit of 55. I don't mind giving away my age because it’s only a number, and I’m not frightened by numbers unless I'm in an Algebra class. I’m a naturalist knowing that the circle of life cannot be ignored nor altered. That said, I’m out to enjoy my allotted time here on Mother Earth as best I can.

What makes me happy

My heart and soul thrive when my family soars. If I can make life a little easier for them, then sun shines upon me even on a cloudy day.  My soulmate, children and grandchildren plus my dear parents lend me numerous opportunities to capture treasured moments of time with my camera which is another source of great happiness for me.  Photographs for my children to pass on to their children and grandchildren drive me to become a better photographer every day.

What else?

Friends….they are gifts from heaven above. Friends are always behind you, watching out for you, lending support when you need them most. Treating my friends with the same respect and loyalty that I give my family is priority. Once we have met, I consider you as my friend, not just a client. Going beyond the bounds of many photographer/client relationships to provide the quality of images that I would give to my family is standard protocol in my book.

Another little secret about me…..

So…what is my little secret?? I’m a bit OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Not in a bad way mind you. For you, my client..it’s good! I review and edit my images during post processing numerous times before I allow anyone to see them. I love what I do, and I want you to love the pictures I provide for you. So there you have it! Me in a nutshell. Of course there are layers to everyone…but this is some of the important stuff about me. Stay tuned for my next blog…and I’ll share a few more secrets! ’Til then…Smile whenever you can, and someone will smile back. :)

Enough about me, I'd love to hear from you!

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