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Oiling My Rusty Cognitive Wheels

What stories this old girl could tell.

Learning new stuff is hard, right? And learning new stuff when you are 55 doesn't make it any easier. But here I am...changing careers midlife. Don't get me's fun...I'm enjoying the journey, but it's tough...especially when your former career is so different than the one you are now pursuing.

Instead of typing a "novel" concerning a patient's medical history, I'm now plunking away with descriptions of awesome travel adventures, cool places to stay, interesting foodie joints and must see stops on one's itinerary. Through my experiences, I hope to provide some unique tidbits which might benefit you!

Oops! I slipped and didn't post a blog for November but with good reason. I'm learning a new skill, pursuing a new venture which combines my love for journalism with photography. Excited beyond my imagination, my article, "In Search of the Spirit Bear", has just been published by Travel Post Monthly (see the link below and right), an online site where freelance writers, new to the industry, may have their works recognized.

Now, I must clarify, Travel Post Monthly is not a free-for-all. Certain criteria must be met and guidelines respected before one's work is approved and published. Undertaking this process yields value and credence for one's submission. Becoming a member of the International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance, ITWPA,  has opened new doors for my journey as well. With a name badge granting authenticity, venues that I elect to promote are excited to hear of my proposal to feature their business. If I can publish an article about their organization, it's a win-win situation for us both.

Portrait of Winnie the Spirit Bear

Rupert the Grizzly Bear

If you are bear crazy like I am,  check out the links below to whet your appetite for adventure.

Visit Travel Post Monthly at the link below to see my publication:

In Search of the Spirit Bear

You  might also enjoy my youtube video:

Bears of the Great Bear Rainforest

To see the story as published by Barcroft Media check out this link:

Rare Bears: The Elusive Spirit Bear Comes Out Of Hiding

Enough from me...I'd like to hear from you!

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